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I Came, I Saw, I Wrote About It

I like to write just about anything. Sometimes it's something I wanted to say or bring attention to, sometimes it's a story or poem, and sometimes it's religious commentary/research, so those are the four sections you get to choose from.


WTF Dream + Interpretation, Black Women Are Beautiful!, Worst. Corpsman. Ever., Another Customer Story, I Think I've Decided, Keeping Up With Appearances, White Power: The "Glorious" Aryan Nation, I Get It, Patience Is A Virtue!, Oh, But I Don't Want To Get BULKY, Keep It To Yourself, Ass!, The Weighting Is The Hardest Part, Ask A Supplement Store Employee, Customers...Sweet Customers, This Is BS, Fit With Fibro Update (2), Stuff On My Mind, Fit With Fibro Update, Fit With Fibro #4, Fit With Fibro #3, Fit With Fibro #2, Fit With Fibro #1, Document, Chippin' Away, Anime BLOWS, The Right Approach To Moral Issues, Gays, Sex, and The Bible, Natural Hair Treatment, Dream Journal...uh...#6, MRE Fun, Astronomy is BS, Week 6, The Error Of Racial Profiling, THEY MATCH THE DRAPES, Abs? On ME?, Photo Update, 4 Weeks Later, Like The War Or Don't, Awesome, Just Awesome, Awesome Sign, Dream Journal #4, You Make Me SICK, Dream Journal #3, Dream Journal #2


Gogo's Appetite, Candy's Story 1, Male WG: The End of Gotham, Napoligotchi, She Didn't Mean To, The End of Gotham, The Office Drudgery, Start, Finish, Vore Request (violent), A Virus (ch. 2), A Virus (ch. 1), The Death of Xiang, Woman and the Wall, Gooood Morning, Jon, The Feast (FA request), The Japanese Are Not Of This World, The Ginovanni, Officer (sexual content, Mein Teil (violent), The Empty Harbors


Daily Beating, The Tiniest Rabbit, Persecution, Thinking, Cycle, To Life, The Man With The Cigarette, 60mph, Lacking, The Dead, Glendora, Listen, The Korea, Impossible Kremlin, The Weather Today, Blushing in the Rain, With Him, in the Snow, Winter, The Entertainment, The Bishop, The Pawn


The Infancy Gospel of James, Homosexuals and the Bible, The Second Book of Sibylline Oracles, The Apocalypse of Peter, The Gospel of Judas, The Apocrypha


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