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Original Creations

I've been drawing since 1998 and love to receive constructive criticism. I'm not all that good, but enjoy it enough to keep at it for a hobby. None of my drawings have a hidden meaning (people like to try and find one), and there's rarely a back-story.


NerdGirl, The Mass Hallucination Kid, Vampire Charcters, Day of the Dead Tattoo


Model 1, Model 2


Coming soon...


The Queen's Seat


Hot Orc WIP, Oil Faerie WIP


Seraph, Aqua Fae, Furry Collage, Josiah, Daev, Bunny Boy, Ether, Krynall Observation, Max the Murderer, Peng Peng: Panda Girl, Josiah (WIP), Ishmishmael (WIP), Island Faerie (WIP), Funny Valentine (WIP)


Gothboy with Peanut Shirt, Abulan, Fashion: Weiss, Giant and Faerie, Gothboy's Cross, Hand Torture, Fashion: Subtle, Vampyre Boy, Alien Boy, Catgirl, Caitlin Off the Boat, Caitlin and Marcus in Fog, Monk and Faerie (colored), Dragon Lady, Gothboy and Toaster, Gwenn, Jared Prodinov, Government Experiment: Karen, Marcus O'Grady, Caitlin O'Grady, Government Experiment: Skin Grafts, Thunder


New Year's Eve 2001, Abulan, Albino, Mouse Lady, Feminine, Hip to be Square, Lonely, Sailor Kitty, Female Minotaur, Blue Boy Bondage, Comic 2 (English Version), Comic 1 (English Version), Cyclops, Explosion, Faerie and Monk, Christine and Gothboy, Gothboy Egyptian Sketch, Gothboy Profile Sketch, Herr Butter, 8000 Hits, Jared Prodinov, Josiah, Leichtes Leben, Horned Angel, Into The Light, PE Boy 2, Blue Boy, Tiger Boy, Tomas, Toonces, Twins, When In Rome, 6000 Hits, The Bleeding Tree, Government Experiment: GE Angel, Vampyre Boy (5000 Hits), Xerox Monster, Merfolk, Ishmishmael, Fallen Angel, Barbara, Jenny, PE Boy 1, Toasty


Und Mich?, Torment, NerdGirl, Nani?, Gothboy with Toaster, Toji (Art), Toji (Poetry), Toji (Story), Sword Girl, Blood Drawing, Chiisai Hanma and Mimi Otoko, Elf Amputee, Elf Dancer, Elf with Sword, Faldor, Two Guns, Latin Cat, Laughing At Die Zwiebel, Pain, Spiel Mit Mir, Prayer1999 Smoker, Blood Drawing 3, Blood Drawing 3, Blood Drawing 2, Blood Drawing 1, Chiisai Black, Elf with Whip, Elf With Mace, IrishMan, Jorg, New Sailor Uniform


Water Cooler, Look, Lost, Meow Mix


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