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Welcome to AbortDave


A website that just won't die, AbortDave is a compilation of drawings, photographs, recipes, stories, and poems. There's also a guestbook if you're into that sort of thing.

Updates For 2009

>> 19 July <<
Updated the Drawings section. For those of you who were fans of AbortDave for a while, you'll be happy to learn that I found and uploaded some older pictures from the late 90's. Just something fun.

>> 5 July <<
It came to my attention that Yahoo was to remove their Geocities hosting site where AbortDave lived for approximately 10 years (maybe I should draw something for that). I still wanted the site to be free and, despite the pop-up ads (which most of you won't see thanks to your pop-up blockers), I went with Angelfire as it's been around for some time and I don't anticipate it going belly up anytime soon. Here's hoping. While doing this move, I posted several new poems in the Writing Section, so have a look.


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