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There are few nicer surprises than someone drawing your character for you. It's free and always appreciated. Many of these were done as a part of the Character Monthly Artist eXchange (CMAX), a gift art club ran by a friend of mine which has unfortunately disbanded. Hopefully, I can run or join a new exchange art forum.

Exchanges are certainly open with me! If you would like to do an exchange, email me at with a link to your characters. To see my characters, visit my Drawings page. I'll put your gift on this site with as much credit to you as you include (full name or nickname, website address, etc.).

Gifts To...

Captain Philee for Unknown
Fire Magess for K-Chan
Chess for N.C. Weber
Siren for Rose
Sir Death for Unknown
CHRIStine for Unknown
Happy Birthday for Moon Pilot
Young Boris and Arista for Davechan
Boris and QDB for Davechan
Dispatch Lawyer for Jacob
Capture for Neko_Chan
Silencer for Tara Orlando

Gifts From...

Birthday Gift from Rose
New Year's Butterfly by Davechan
Jenny by N.C. Weber
Vampie Boy by Unknown
Uber Strawberry by Unknown
Uber Strawberry by DCM
Green Faerie by Andrew
Vampie Boy by Unknown
IrishMan by Unknown
Caitlin and Marcus by Unknown
Ishmishmael by Tara Orlando
Marcus by Raps
Jared by The Bry
Caitlin by Admiral_Aldaroc
GothBoy by Unknown
Marcus by FK
Catgirl Gift from MikeMoon


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